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Red Velvet Mite

Red velvet mite. This small but bright red coloured creature found all over the world. It can be seen from Asia to Africa and from Antarctica to desert of thar in India.  Studies show that mites are found from soil to in a depth of almost 33 feet.  From freezing cold of Antarctica to the heat of 50 degree Celsius in desert, mites have been presence.

There are hundreds of species of red velvet with few common things like its colour, a bright red.  Actually this colour is a kind of warning for their predators so they don’t even think to attack it.

Red velvet mite is actually strange but fascinating and unique creature of its kind which belongs to the Trombidiidae family.

Red velvet mites are small arthropods that belong to the subclass Acari and class Arachnida. The study of mites is called acarology.

So red velvet mite is not a spider and as these creatures is mostly seen just after the rain or first rain of the season so they also called rain bugs.  Actually an adult mite be inactive most of the time but comes in picture just after rain.

If we talks about life cycle of a red velvet mite then it has six stages includes eggs and pre larvae, larvae, protonymph, deutonymph, tritonymph and adult. Red velvet mite has only one breeding cycle in a year.

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