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Bhatner Fort Hanumangarh

Bhatner Fort is situated in the Hanumangarh city of Rajasthan. It was built on the banks of the Ghaggar river and was one of the strongest and most secure forts in the country, which has successfully faces the continues attacks of Mangols, Mughals and many other invaders.

By meaning Bhatner word loosely is city of Bhatis. It is said that in 253 AD Bhupat Bhati, the Bhati ruler of Jaisalmer, built this fort. Standing on the edge of the Ghaggar, this fort is witness of courageous bravery of the Bhati rulers. Timur Lang to Mahmud Ghazni many invader attack this fort because of the strategic importance. This is a fact that the Mongols and other invaders coming from Central Asia could not ignore this fort because it falls in the main road leading to Multan from Delhi. 


Once upon a time there were four forts that were situated on this side of the India namely  Bathinda, Taborhind, Sirhind and Bhatner.
Timur Lang, in his biography Tuzuk-i Timuri  had mentioned about fort as one of the strongest and most secure forts in India. 

This fort was built in 20 acres and made by completely with bricks. In the tenth century Mahmud Ghaznii captured this. During Sultan Balban, Sher Khan was appointed the fortress or kiledar of this fort. In 1391, Timur Lang conquered the bhatner before going to  Delhi. From time to time with Bhatis, it was under the rule of several kings of Choyal, Johia and Rathore dynasty. 

In 1805 Maharaja Surat Singh kept camping for five months to snatch this fort from Jabita Khan Bhatti. The day on which they got success was Tuesday. There for a Hanuman Temple was established in the fort and town situated near Bhatner is known as Hanumangarh there after. This fort is now in the middle of Hanumangarh town. Although the Bhatner fort has not been discussed so much, its importance and utility is recorded in pages of history which can not be forgotten.
The hanumangarh town has very good connectivity by road and rail. 

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