Patrika Gate Jaipur

The then ruler of jaipur Sawai Jai Singh had established the city of Jaipur according to the rules of Vastu Shastra. Initially there were seven gates in the original city. The eighth gate or the door was built as New Gate. After that the this ninth gate was built whick is today known as the patrika gate.

patrika gate jawahar circle jaipur

Other gate of Jaipur or Surajpole Gate, Chandpole Gate, Ajmari Gate, Sanganeri Gate, Galata Gate, Emperor Gate and Zorawar Singh Gate.

The patrika gate is situated in Jawahar Circle. Jawahar Circle is the a major circle or round about of Jaipur. From here, a straight road travels to Tripoliya into the walled city.

Nine has its own importance in our nature and indian culture. Like nine planet. This gate was built on the basis of this. 9 is a important measurement in this gate. like the width of the whole gate is 81 feet. Its total height is 108 feet. That is, nine in each measurement.

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