About Us

Content in Hindi on internet is a big issue? YES!
This issue can be solved with targeted efforts? BIG YES!

So we are here as Sangopang, a startup to provide credible, composite and creative content in Hindi. Content which is not mere a translation but which is being thought and written in Hindi keeping in mind the perspective of common Hindi speaker. Yeah! its long journey and we started it with a very small step. To make our this journey a big success, we need your help. Just keep visiting and do refer this Sangopang in your networking. It really helps us, otherwise you can chip in as advertiser or sponsor as well. Jai ho!

Sangopang a meaning:
Sangopang is originated from Sanskrit which mean complete or enough. It is widely used in Hindi as well as few local dialect of northern India.

Sangopang objects:
As a venture our endeavor is to provide useful information from all around the globe in Hindi language. By this we aims to create a knowledge based website which ultimately can contribute to create credible content in Hindi.

Initially we are focusing on economics, crickets specially world cup 2015 and yes Bollywood. We are trying to make this website with rich content day by day/ hour by hour.

Contacts Us:
For Ad   To help in our efforts, you guys can chip in as advertiser or sponsor. Please drop your query at  sangopangm@gmail.com

For Content   You can send us press release, company profile or any other information which can be useful for common citizen. Please do send it at sangopangm@gmail.com

Objections  If you have any kind of objection about the content of the Sangopang, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to redress your objections. We are here at  sangopangm@gmail.com

Sangopang Team  for contacting directly to our team members for invitations/ interviews or other media related queries please drop a mail at sangopangm@gmail.com

PS: Our team try to read each mail we receive thoroughly and get back to you as soon as possible. But this process can take a bit time so bear with us and keep visiting other pages.

Jai ho!